Who We Are

Warriors on the road came to me while working as a camp host in 2022. I had spent the last year traveling with my wife and children and enjoying the country and creating memories. I came to realize that it was also helping me with my PTS and other things that I had been dealing with. It was then that I realized if it could help me, it can help others as well.

After being medevacked from Iraq in 2004, there was an abundance of people and organizations there to give us a hand up and help us reintegrate to our new life. All while our brothers and sisters who took care of us watched as we flew away, had to go right back to the fight day after day. Which is who WOR is focused on serving. Because they deserve to know that we are still there to fight for them and help them with the invisible wounds of war.

About Our Mission

WOR is focused on those warriors who had to fight day in and day out, and still fight daily with the invisible wounds of war. We believe that if we can give them a way to get outdoors, to enjoy the peace and serenity of being surrounded by nature, it could be catalyst to growth and healing in their lives.

are you ready

The Warriors on the Road Foundation relies on the generous support of you and others like you. Your generous donations help our warriors that have sacrificed and given to our wonderful country.

Every donation is a tax-deductible contribution and even the smallest donation goes a long way to help our warriors.